My Story


Etta + Billie begins with two monumental people in my life: my grandmothers. Their stories are ones of adventure, sacrifice, and tenacity. These women taught me what it takes to be a maker, someone willing to take risks in order to witness great results. Their memory and influence will always be vital parts of my work.

Even as a teenager, I’ve always been a collector. I would try and get a hold of as many lotions and body products as I possibly could. I was able to create another world through smell, and it seemed that the possibilities were endless. It was this exploration that laid the foundation for what would later become Etta + Billie.

Yet, it wasn’t until I stepped away from a stifling office job that my dream started to become a reality. There was a desire to create a useful product that could alter anyone’s mood, as well as a desire to develop a process that didn’t involve cheap chemicals, ingredients which are found in most bath and body products on the market.

My craft began with learning the science of Cold-Process soap making. After much experimentation, this ultimately led me to study Herbalism at the California School of Herbal Studies, where I was able to create with an awareness of natural and organic ingredients, integrating powerful herbs and essential oils into all Etta + Billie products.

As adults, we’re the caretakers of so many things: kids, employees, communities. But often enough do we forget to nurture ourselves. Our daily routines are an essential part of our life, so it’s imperative that we include the time to care for ourselves. At Etta + Billie, I’m dedicated to providing a sustainable product that not only cleans the body, but clears the mind, preparing us for every new journey in life.

Alana Rivera: Owner + Creator + Soap Maven

I currently live in the beautiful city of San Francisco enjoying my soap and product making journey. I love to cook, which continues to inspire my creations. When not in my studio, you'll find me curled up with a good book, sipping inventive cocktails perfectly mixed by my resident bartender + loving husband Shain. I'm often walking through my Mission neighborhood daydreaming about travel, enjoying time with friends, or coming up with the next great recipe!