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February 25, 2021 2 min read

Exfoliating your skin is not only great for maintaining a healthy glow - but essential for activating the regeneration of new skin cells and cleansing your pores. We're here to share the most important steps to take when exfoliating your skin! 

woman brushed hand over face after exfoliating

Gentle, Circular Motion 

There are a lot of products and options out there that can help facilitate productive scrub motion. Our scrub bar is designed for ease of holding; but jar scrubs and scrub brushes also allow for ease of exfoliation! Once you find the right scrub products for you - always remember that our skin are not the same as the dishes in the sink! Instead, try imaging exfoliation like the gentle spreading of herbs and spices on a dish. Be delicate and intentional! 

Exfoliate For Your Skin Type

We all know the big 5 - sensitive, oily, normal, dry, and combination. But do we know which type needs what type of exfoliation? If your skin leans more dry, sensitive or oily: exfoliate regularly and follow up with appropriate serums/products that boost your pore health. If you skin is normal to combination - exfoliate according to the season. AKA be kind to your skin in the winter and take more aggressive measure in the summer to clean those pores! 

man washes clay exfoliating face mask off his face

Don't Irritate! 

Always make sure you’re using lukewarm water. Overly hot water, while we may think it opens up our pores, can actually make your skin super vulnerable at the time of exfoliation. Remember - its about gently releasing dead skin cells rather than damaging your skin surface! We also love the comprehensive scrub breakdown that Byrdie Beauty offers - check it out!

etta and billie exfoliating products by bath


The E+B sea salt body scrub bar is designed to leave your skin feeling out-of-this-world soft and nourished. Another added bonus - our bars are designed for you to grip and maneuver your scrub for maximum softness! Check out all of our sea salt body scrubs at our scrub collection

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