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February 21, 2019 2 min read

Cocoa Butter in it's various forms

The short answer is YES!

Most of our products have the delectable cocoa butter in it, loved for its smooth texture, sweet fragrance, moisturizing properties, and (of course) its well-known role in making CHOCOLATE! 

Cocoa butter, like cocoa powder, comes from the bean of the cacao tree. When the beans are extracted from the cocoa fruit or pods, the beans are cleaned and roasted. The beans are then pressed, pushing out the oils aka the butter. After the cocoa butter is extracted, the remaining solids are processed into cocoa powder. Cocoa butter + cocoa powder + sugar and milk = chocolate!

So now that you know how cocoa butter (and chocolate) are made, let's talk about it's skin benefits.

Skin Benefits of Cocoa Butter

In soap, cocoa butter creates the smooth lather and moisturizing effect that everyone loves. Its also amazing for chapped skin, eczema, and stretch marks during pregnancy. 

Why is cocoa butter so good for your skin? 

1. Hydrates and nourishes skin, improving elasticity due to it's high fatty acid content.

2. It's highly emollient so it holds in moisture by forming a protective barrier on the skin.

3. Slows skin aging by protecting against the sun’s harmful UV rays because it's chocked full of antioxidants.

4. Has been used for year to help smooth scars, wrinkles, and stretch marks.

How to use Cocoa Butter?

You can rub one of our cocoa butter products on your skin or lips every day as part of your skin care regimen. Our cocoa butter products, combined with various essential oils and vitamins take your bathing experience from basic to spa-quality.

Which Products Have Cocoa Butter?

You'll find cocoa butter in almost everything we whip up at Etta + Billie (for good reason)! From our Body Lotions, Hand Washes, Soap, Body Scrubs, to our Skin and Lip Balms, each will give your skin the moisture boost it needs.

Organic Grapefruit Cardamom Hydrating Lotion and Sea Salt Cocoa Butter Body Scrub

Try it today. 

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