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“Etta + Billie is the powerhouse soap, lifestyle, and scent brand that has proliferated the collaborative sense of the word. Everyone from Heath Ceramics to Ritual Coffee, Alana and her brand has established herself as pro-savant in the realm of aromatic beauty. When we encountered her Horchata Soap collection at the last Westcoast Craft Fair, we wanted to eat it. Literally.”



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"Made with antioxidant cocoa butter, coconut oil, sunflower oil, and organic aloe, this rich lotion nourishes, soothes, and deeply moisturizes skin. The subtle scent—an energizing, exotic mix of pink grapefruit and sultry cardamom—is full of energy, and the lotion itself sinks in beautifully on all skin types.”


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Etta+Billie founder Alana Rivera believes getting your body into a relaxed state is one of the most effective ways to stimulate your body's natural healing process which includes eliminating toxins. And detox baths are a great way to do this!”



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"I've been obsessing over the brand's Clary Sage and Black Pepper Oil, which helps with stress, but also has an aphrodisiac element (meow)."


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"Don't forget to take care of your lips. This salve in stick-form contains lavender to soothe and protect, as well as shea butter to hydrate, and jojoba seed oil, coconut oil, and cocoa seed butter to further nourish, soften, and condition. Etta + Billie have additional lip balm scents to choose from, including grapefruit cardamom and bergamot ginger."


Press Inquiries 

For press inquiries, please reach out to info@ettaandbillie.com