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May 22, 2022 2 min read

Etta + Billie Bath and Body Oils are an extremely versatile product with many different uses. Not only is the Lavender Bath and Body Oil a great addition to your bath and self care routine, but it's also a great way to moisturize and take care of your muscles and joints. Our Bath and Body oils are a unique blend of enriching oils that help repair and heal the skin. Pairing those oils with the calming powers of lavender essential oils - and you've got a multitasking beauty product that keeps your mind right throughout the day! 

etta + billie lavender body oil on pile of lavender

Lavender Oil for Back and Shoulder Massages 

Our Lavender Bath and Body Oils are a fantastic massage slick that can actually help relax your mind and muscles even more! Simply drop 4-8 drops of your oil onto the palm of your hands, and gently massage into the skin where you need extra attention. The calming benefits of lavender essential oil will also help relax the mind and the muscles.

rubbing body oil into hands

Add Lavender Oil To Lotion For Extra Moisture

Adding our Lavender Bath + Body Oilto any of your daily moisturizers will add deep hydration to the skin's surface. I recommend this trick to all of my customers in the dryer, winter seasons or on those evenings when you want some extra skincare. Simply pump however much Etta + Billie Body Lotion you need into the palm of your hand, and add 3-4 drops of Lavender Bath + Body Oil to your hand, mix the two together until combined and rub onto the skin's surface. The result: a deeper moisture with hints of fresh lavender! 


etta + billie lavender body oil in small bowl on counter with fresh lavender flowers


#3 Extra Moisture For Hair 

Do you find that your hair needs some added moisture throughout the day? Pro tip: You can add the Etta + Billie Lavender Bath and Body Oil to the tips of dried hair to help sooth your hair cuticles and prevent the appearance of frays and dead ends. Simply drop 4-5 drops into the palm of your hand and rub into the ends of your hair. And in the same way you can add the oil to your lotion, you can add the lavender oil to any cream hair product for some deeper moisture. Just remember keep it at the tips to avoid greasiness! 


hand holding bouquet of dried lavender against white wall


#4 Self Care and Aromatherapy 

Lavender essential oil and lavender scented products are the number one choice  for self-care nights and chill the heck out moments in life! It's a no brainer that the Lavender Bath + Body Oil would be a perfect addition to your self care routine. This product can help ease feelings of anxiety, stress, negativity - and can help calm the mind into a deeply relaxed state! 


close up of etta + billie lavender body oil


#5 Nightly Hand Care 

Last, but definitely not least, is the added benefit that Lavender Bath + Body Oil for hand care. Rub as much of our Lavender Oil into your cuticles, joints, and skin on your hand to repair the wear and tear of the day. Using this product nightly will help keep your hands moisturized and your nail beds appearing extra healthy. Order our Lavender Bath + Body Oil for all your self care needs! 


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