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December 13, 2020 2 min read

With the love of food being embedded into the ethos of Etta+Billie, naturally, the E+B team also has a love for food! There’s no better time than the holiday season to share and partake in food traditions. Hear from our team members about what foods they’re most looking forward to indulging in this season!

Hayden: Studio Assistant

“My favorite Holiday dish is a strong cup of black coffee after Christmas dinner. I recommend a dark roast for the season, and if you're able, you should grind the beans fresh. If you've only used a drip coffee maker in the past, maybe this is the year to try a french press! The coffee keeps the good cheer going. Since there are many people we can't visit this year, perhaps the coffee would best be enjoyed over a phone call with someone we haven't heard from in a while ."

Natasha: Marketing Assistant 

“My favorite recipes in the cold seasons are: coconut curries with brown rice, undercover healthy pastas (spaghetti squash, lots of veggies, kale pesto type of fun), and breakfast breads (banana, zucchini, etc.)."

Jasmine: Marketing Assistant

“Every holiday season, my dad brews up a big batch of delicious and hearty gumbo filled with spicy sausage, crab, chicken, and a flavorful broth. I have the fondest memories of my family members all gathering around in our home and enjoying his famous gumbo (it’s the only dish he successfully makes, so naturally, this is a BIG event :))."

Alana: CEO 

For her holiday dish, Alana's got two favorites!

"It's probably a tie between Christmas cookies (I'm very partial to these Walnut Crescent Cookies) and mashed potatoes. I can't get enough of either around the holidays!"  

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