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October 06, 2023 2 min read

I've got some exciting news to share! I’ve been working on this for months and I’m finally ready to announce this big change to our soaps!. 

So what's changing? I'm saying goodbye to our standard 4.9 oz square bar and hello to a 4.4 oz rectangular size. "Why?" you ask. Great question. Over the last few years the price of materials, packaging, and pretty much everything has gone up in price. This new size allows me to continue using all the best ingredients around so that I’m still creating the best possible soap without having to charge more. I plan to release the occasional “old” style of soap on a super limited edition basis and the price of those bars will be $16. 

What’s not changing is my commitment to the highest quality ingredients, green business practices and to fight hunger in the USA by donating to food banks.

There are some other wonderful benefits too. These new soaps are packaged in a completely enclosed box which requires less packaging to ship! Plus this new box helps keep those scents fresh for longer. It's a win-win for both you and the planet! Another great feature is that this size is easier to grip in the shower, meaning you'll get those great cleansing suds a whole lot faster.

Etta + Billie Natural Bar Soap

With the new soap comes a few scent changes too. I'm saying goodbye to our Citrus Poppy Soap, Earl Grey Soap and Ginger Orange Scrub. The new scent offerings are infused with all the inspiration and goodness from these past scents! If you loved the Citrus Poppy Soap, try the Grapefruit Cardamom and if you were an Earl Grey obsessive, I know you'll love the Bergamot Ginger. 

These scent updates create a beautiful scent story where everything throughout our line will match! No more guessing games or trying to coordinate different scents while putting together gifts.

I'm excited for you to try out our new and improved soap bars. I have a feeling you’ll love them as much as I do. 

To celebrate this change, every soap and scrub is 15% offand each order will receive one new sisal soap pouch (while supplies last), PLUS I’ll choose one lucky order at random to receive an extra soap and scrub for FREE. You don’t need any codes for this promotion but you do need to shop soon because the promotion ends on 10/9.

As always, thanks for being amazing! I'm so honored that you choose to make my soaps a part of your daily life.




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