April 09, 2020 2 min read

Though our Easter celebrations will be anything but normal this year, we can still engage in connection with family and serve up some tasty food during quarantine! Now more than ever the world could use a fun holiday to remind us about what life is truly about and bring our loved ones together. Needing some ideas on how to make Easter special this year? We’ve got you covered:

Image by: Alena Koval 

Keep the Brunch Going 

You may have already been brunchin’ this whole quarantine (aka getting up at noon to eat breakfast), but we all know that Easter is the best time to get your brunch in. Indulge in all the classics like cinnamon rolls and quiche. Don’t forget about mimosas! We’ve got some great ways to spice up this drink in a blog post found here.

Don’t feel like whippin up a big brunch?! Support a local business and order in!

Move the Hunt Indoors

The Easter bunny can still visit the kiddos! Move your egg hunt inside and do it quarantine style. This ought to make your little ones still feel like the day is special. Tuck the eggs around unexpected places in your home for a hunt that will keep them busy for a while!

Get Dressed Up

We’ve all exchanged work clothes for sweat pants, so let’s make this day extra special and actually get dressed up! Ring in the spring season with bold colors and pastels that will brighten up your sheltered in place wardrobe!

These special moments have definitely changed, but the time to connect and love on family and friends remain the same. Don’t forget to check in on a loved one that might not be near and

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