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December 17, 2020 2 min read

It’s no surprise that we love the holidays here at E+B. What makes this time of year so special isn’t just the delicious food we eat (which is definitely a major plus) but also the amazing goodies that are here for just a limited time. I believe that the best scents are harnessed from the delicious smells and foods of the time, which is why each of our holiday scents is inspired by an aspect of the season.

Spiked Cider Soap

Rose gold mugs with apple slices next to cider soap. Cinnamon sticks and clove next to soap.

I designed all of our holiday scents with coziness + comfort in mind to keep you warm during these cool winter months and this scent is nothing short of comforting. Warm cinnamon is laced beautifully with real bourbon in this holiday soap. You’ll feel like you’re curled up in front of a crackling fire with a warm beverage every time you shower.

"Fun, fresh scent. Smells like real fruit. Awesome soap as always."- Sarah

Hot Bourbon + Lemon

Bar of soap on wooden board with sliced lemon

The delicious scent of our Hot Bourbon + Lemon soap is nothing short of it’s inspiration (the classic Hot Toddy). We steep real English Breakfast tea and combine with lemon, honey, and of course, smooth bourbon.

Evergreen Tangerine

Scrub, Soap, and hand wash on tree stump with tangerines

Inspired bywintery walks through serene evergreen forests and juicy, sweet tangy tangerines, our Evergreen Tangerine goods are sure to get you into the holiday cheer. The best part is, our bar soap is topped with real evergreen leaves and filled with zesty Tangerine oil- it’s as real as it gets! 

Chai Tea

Soap laying flat with ginger and clove spices in wooden spoon

Warm drinks in hand and winter weather are a match made in heaven. Chai Tea is one of my personal favorites to keep in hand during this time of year. The amazing blend of cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg meld together beautifully with rich, whole organic milk in our soap bar. I promise you, this soap is just as indulgent as the real deal!

“My best friend and I are both addicted to Chai Tea Soap. It's the most wonderful fragrance. Sorry that it's not available year round, but we certainly are happy when it's being made again. Can't get enough of it!!”- Carol B. 


Have you tried all of our holiday scents? Click here to shop our limited edition goodies before they’re gone!

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