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June 29, 2023 2 min read

Exposing our skin to all the fun summer activities can definitely take its toll and when it comes to seasonal skin issues, the after-effects can last a while. Here’s a list of some of the most common summer skin issues and some tips for get your skin back to tip top glowing condition.

Dealing with Dry Skin in the Summer

#1: Dealing with Dry Skin

Dry skin isn’t just a winter problem. Notice how your skin can get extra flaky, even after your sunburn is long gone? That may be caused by prolonged immersion in chlorinated or salted water. For a quick fix, run thru your pantry. Grab some Oatmeal (grind in coffee grinder to fine powder) and mix with yogurt or honey to create a loose paste. Smooth on your skin for 15-20 min. Rinse with lukewarm water and moisturize. Skin will look refreshed and glowing. For dry skin on your body, try using a body scrub at least 1-2x a week, followed by a good moisturizer.

Summer Picnic - Taking Itch out of Bug Bites Naturally

#2: Taking the Itch out of Bug Bites

Summer is the time for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities that expose skin to mosquitoes and other blood sucking bugs. To help take the edge off those bites, consider using tea. The leaves are not only ideal for steeping, the antioxidant properties are proven effective topically to reduce swelling and soothe inflammation. Head to shower & lightly rub some steeped tea bags on bites. For a double dose of antioxidants, try cleansing first with the Earl Grey soapwhich contains Earl Grey Tea.

Earl Grey Soap

#3 Speed up Healing after a Sunburn

When you’re freshly burned, leave the soap and loofah behind. A quick fix to reduce pain of sunburned skin is to shower or soak in a cool bath. Nothing beyond 15-20 minutes and please remember cool not cold! You don’t wanna traumatize your skin further. Drop some lavender body oil and/or a spoonful of baking soda for extra soothing effect. Lavender has long been used to help sooth inflamed skin and aids in the healing process. Once out of the bath, gently pat yourself dry and apply more lavender body oil or lavender lotion to the burned areas. Take lukewarm showers and continue to moisturize to help skin heal. Resist the temptation to peel away dry skin.

Sea Salt Body Scrub Bar Helps Banish Ingrown Hairs

#4: Banish Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs caused by excessive summer shaving can be irritating or just painful. I don’t wanna sound like a broken record here, but exfoliating really is IMPORTANT. You can get rid of those hurtful bumps and help your skin rejuvenate fast by gently exfoliating 2-3 days a week (but not right after you shave). Indulge yourself with the vast scents of Etta + Billie’s solid scrub bars.

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