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July 30, 2020 1 min read

As we continually adjust to a “new” normal found in quarantine, the conversation has ought to shift towards how we can cultivate healthy habits for our minds. Having personal time and space away from those in your home to center yourself may be difficult to find now. I want to share a way I have been practicing mindfulness and “checking in” with myself, even for just ten minutes a day. 


When is the last time you’ve sat down and allowed for your mind to just wander? For many of us this can seem like a nightmare, as our minds are often flooded with nonsense and daily tasks. Have you ever considered just letting yourself daydream and ponder whatever comes to mind? Set yourself up in your favorite room of the house or special corner in the backyard . Put aside all distractions and let your mind unleash any and all of its thoughts. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to witness the amount of creativity and realization that can come from this short amount of time. I’ve incorporated this practice into my routine and have noticed a great boost in my overall creativity and clarity. 

We prioritize carving out time for our everyday to-do’s and even to spend time with others, but let us not forget how fulfilling and necessary it is to check in with ourselves. Caring for your mental health is no daunting task. We can incorporate simple and meaningful practices into our routines that cultivate healthy habits and refresh the soul. 

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