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August 13, 2020 2 min read

Etta+Billie's scent combinations come together to make melodious-smelling goodies for your skin and home. Behind every pairing lies a unique story filled with memories of great food, people, and travels that inspired its creation. This week we hear from E+B's CEO and soap maven, Alana Rivera, about the creation of the ever-popular Bergamot Ginger. 

Tell us about the inspiration behind this scent:

The Bergamot Ginger all started back in 1994 with my obsession with Reed's Ginger Beer. I enjoyed the sharp intensity of that beverage which started my deep love affair with all things gingery. Fast forward to 2010 to the first time I smelled fresh cut ginger essential oil and immediately knew I needed to use it in one of my bath goodies. Citrus felt like the obvious pairing for the ginger, but I wanted to create something that was just a touch different than what I'd seen and smelled-that's where the Bergamot comes in. Like most people, my first (and only experience) with Bergamot came from drinking Earl Grey Tea. Once I realized it was what gave Earl Grey it's characteristic citrus notes, I went down a research rabbit hole and discovered that it's grown in Italy and Greece and has been used for centuries in perfume, food, and medicinally. It's too bitter to be eaten on its own which is why you've probably never seen one at the store (though you might be able to find it as marmalade in specialty grocers). I find the smell to be incredibly uplifting and combined with the ginger, it turned into one of the happiest scent combinations I've ever created. 

What products does E+B offer with this scent?

Any recipes/goodies that contributed to its creation?

Not yet! But you can find a delightful Bergamot Orange Jam from my friends at Lemonbird Jams.

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