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June 11, 2020 1 min read

It’s not simply enough to have conversations about the injustices taking place towards the black community, we must have a continued effort to become anti-racist and allies with our brothers and sisters. While education and awareness is definitely key, they are merely a starting point. There are plenty of impactful ways for us to make change. One of those ways comes from our pockets- it’s where we spend our dollar. 
Here at Etta+Billie, we’ve always had a heart for the small business community. Being a part of it ourselves, we recognize how crucial it is that we observe where our dollar is going and support local makers. We can start implementing change through empowering businesses to have resources and give to their communities through our spending habits. There are plenty of BIPOC businesses that deserve far more recognition than they receive, and we at E+B want to be committed to bringing awareness to these businesses. This is merely a start, but here are a list of some amazing makers to support:

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