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April 01, 2021 2 min read

I got the rare opportunity to sit down with Colleen Tracey (@colleenmakes) on her utterly amazing podcast EcoSassy and talk about so many things that I hold close to my heart - sustainability, mother earth, and brand collabs! Not only did I get to dive deep into some of Etta + Billie’s core values, but we also got to shed some light on some more personal leaps & bounds that come with being a small business and reaching your goals! 

Music player of EcoSassy podcast

The EcoSassy Podcast - A Rare Gem About Business and Saving The Earth!

Colleen Tracey has curated a truly special collection of makers, business-folx, activists, and downright awesome individuals on her podcast. Episodes have ranged from period care & climate change (See: Bloody Beautiful, Ep 7) all the way to plastic-free event coordinating (See: Launching a Zero-Waste, Plastic-Free Event, Ep 1). It was a huge honor to showcase my vision and Etta + Billie amongst a collection of powerful hustlers!

person holding etta and billie lotion and body scrubs

Why E+B Loves Brand Collabs

When I began daydreaming about how to combine my love for food, cruelty-free skincare, and sustainability - I quickly realized the other like-minded small businesses that are on the same mission (or at least a similar vibe). Not only do brand collabs for our apothecary allow for more experimentation with my products (Soap Maven at your service), but they introduce both brands to a new audience! Being able to interact with new ingredients and people is such a special experience for me. Some of our most successful collaborations are our Ritual Coffee Roast Mint Coffe Soaps & Scrubs and our Earl Grey Soap collab with T-We Tea!

etta and billie mint coffee soap and scrub laying flat on a table

Etta + Billie’s Environmental Goals

We’re committed to no plastic and to the planet. Our standard operating procedures in our studio & in production are extremely sustainable - all the way down do reusing packing materials and the types of cleaning products we use! Our products are never wrapped in plastic & our packaging is fully recyclable. And maybe one day we’ll see more and more brands eliminating the use of plastic & furthering harm on the earth. But until then, I’m gonna keep doing what I do best!

etta and billie deodorant sitting on cloth bag

The EcoSassy podcast is available on Apple Podcasts & Spotify - and be sure to follow for more awesome episodes to come!

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