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July 20, 2021 2 min read

Air travel has returned in 2021 along with the dreaded journey through airports and TSA! Lucky for you, Etta and Billie products are TSA ready and super easy to carry on the plane with! Learn more about how these 3 products can drastically improve your next jet setting adventure.

Bar Soap over Liquid Soap

A great thing out our luxurious bar soap is that you can take it on a plane no matter what size! We highly recommend cutting the bar in half (if your trip is long) or if you're making multiple stops, small slivers about the size of mini candy bars. Then packing it up in a cloth/linen bag - and if you have a compact soap tray/saver bring that as well! We love this wooden soap dish from Melanie Abrantes Designs. Brining along a lightweight soap dish will allow your bar soap to dry before heading home, and saves any soggy soap waste! 

Bath and Body Oils

Traveling to a colder or sunny area? Either way you are going to need some extra moisture after being out and about. Our body oils are packed in 2oz glass bottles - which means they won't explode under pressure and pass the liquid limitations that TSA requires! Once you get to your hotel, you can combine your lotion with drops of body oil to enrich the skin. You can even draw yourself a relaxing bath and add our oils for aromatherapy and maximum relaxation. Works to hydrate facial skin and protect your hair too!

Body Sprays 

Our room + body sprays also pass the TSA requirement with being under 3.4 ounces. And, just like our body oils, they come in a glass bottle that won't explode in your bag. These sprays are perfect for refreshing your room, clothes, and replacing your large perfume bottles with an on-the-go version. I love bringing my room + body spray on the road because it offers easy aromatherapy and removes any potential unwelcome hotel smell (yikes). 

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