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Recycle Your Refill Pouches with Us!

If you’ve purchased either our Hand + Body Lotion Refill Pouches or our Hand + Body Wash Refill Pouches, there is a way to responsibly recycle your pouch. They are made of sustainable mylar plastic that can be recycled via your local recycling company that accepts Plastic #1 (also known as polyethylene terephthalate, PET, PETE, or polyester). If your local recycling center does not accept this type of plastic, then we will gladly accept the return of your refill pouch and we’ll send it off to TerraCycle for recycling.


All you have to do is send your refill pouches to our studio.. You’ll pay for the postage back to us, but we can handle the rest. You can send one at a time, or collect multiple refill pouches to send all at once. Follow these easy steps and you will be on your way to reducing your carbon footprint and being more sustainable.

    1. After refilling your soap or lotion dispenser, rinse your refill pouch and allow it to dry.
    2. When you are ready to send your pouch(es) back to us, simply send to our studio at: Etta + Billie, LLC, 2112 Eastman Ave, Ste 114, Ventura, CA 93003. *You can mail in a soft envelope, the package does not need void fill or padding.
    3. We’ll receive your package and add it to our recycle collection, where we will take it to our local TerraCycle and dispose of it for you.


Why does my pouch need to be rinsed out?
By ensuring that your refill pouches are free of product and dry, you are preventing the growth of any mold. This is also the most responsible way to dispose of items in your recycling at home, so we ask the same for our studio!

Will you pay for the shipping to return the pouch to your studio?
No, we do not provide shipping but we do assure you that you can mail your pouch easily in a padded envelope or even small box without padding, to keep shipping costs low and make it easy for you!

How many can I send at a time to you?
You can send 1 or multiple! If saving up your refill pouches to send to us all at once is easier, we are happy to accept that.

Do you offer a rebate or discount code if we return our pouches to you?
We do not, we are simply just trying to lessen our company’s carbon footprint and do what is right for mother earth!