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January 31, 2022 3 min read

It's the month of love! And I have always enjoyed expanding Valentine's Day celebrations beyond romance and deeper into friendships, family, and self-love! This not only makes the holiday a bit more festive, but it offers more opportunity for us to reflect on the really amazing relationships we have all around us. Cheesy, sure, but in a time that seems a bit off-the-rails, I find it really important to hit pause and just enjoy the people and things that I love. This year's Valentine's Day Gift Guide is full of gifting ideas for your lover, your best friend, or YOU! 

The Almond Rosemary Cocoa Gift Set 

Back by popular demand! This scent was a 2021 formulation that customers loved so much I designed to bring it back for this year's v-day. This gift set includes our limited edition Almond Rosemary Cocoa soap and its matching sea salt soak. Both products are loaded with moisturizing benefits of coconut - while also being luxuriously scented with marzipan, rosemary, and invigorating cocoa. I recommend gifting this to yourself, and to someone you love. Shop the set!

Prints from People I've Loved

The fantastic folks at People I've Loved have a speciality curated section for valentines - with a range of love-centric prints for your friends, family, and lovers. Their art is not only feel-good, but thought provoking as well! Their Valentine's Day collection includes stationary, prints, textiles, and tons of other home decor that is unique and incredibly special. Browse their collection!

Hand Dyed Vases from Melanie Abrantes

Melanie Abrantes creates magic from wood and cork! Her designs range from masterful vases, to cutting boards, to even fun wooden creations like sling shots. I wanted to feature her Limited Edition Hand-Dyed Vases in this year's gift guide because of their gorgeous color designs which are made from a solid piece of hardwood Maple and then dyed using a unique process in her studio. Through this dying process, the dye separates pigment colors and organically travels through the water to giving it an unexpected and beautiful result. Each one comes out unique and one of a kind, resulting in colors of navy blue, magenta, and ochre. Shop the vases here!

Body Oil Duo Gift Set

Why have one body oil, when you could have two? I absolutely love this gift set! A moisturizing body oil that can easily be used from your head to your toes to hydrate skin, hair, and nails. Packed with antioxidant + vitamin-rich oils to keep skin nourished. This body oil will revive skin without feeling heavy or greasy. Plus, it can be added to the bath to moisturize and create an aromatic bathing experience (doesn't that sound amazing?) Shop the set here! Available in all of our core scents

Pops of Color from Anna Monet

Anna Monet creates contemporary, fine jewelry that is timeless! Based in San Francisco, Anna Monet finds inspiration in the natural beauty of life on the west coast. She combines her passion for metal smithing and love of intentionally sourced, unique organic materials to create her eclectic statement jewelry. Anna Monet has a range of designs available on her website, from enriching gold and emboldened snake designs - to horse hair earrings and necklaces. Her pieces are truly one of a kind and perfect for that certain someone that deserves to decorate themself. Shop her entire collection!

Chocolates, of course, from Dick Taylor Chocolates

This Eureka-based, bean-to-bar chocolate company is seriously top tier! This dynamic duo grounds their chocolate creations in a hands on approach that resonates with their experience with woodworking and boat building. They use organic cocoa and organic cane sugar - which helps represent the diverse flavor of chocolate fully without the addition of vanilla and different flavors. Their chocolate bars are pure, and true to what chocolate really is. Treat yourself, or someone you love, to these rich and beautiful chocolate bars! 

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