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October 17, 2022 2 min read

With the release of our latest Evergreen Tangerine products, I thought it would be fun to celebrate cooler temperature and the incoming holidays with botanical facts. I created Evergreen Tangerine with the idea of bringing winter into the shower - without smelling like a candle. This soap and scrub are inspired by wintery walks through serene evergreen forests and the seasonal brightness of sweet tangy tangerines.

etta and billie evergreen tangerine products with tangerine peels and fir needles

Evergreen Trees Are All Over!

The evergreen category includes junipers, hemlocks, redwoods and firs as well as our classic pine tree! This also applies to many tropical plants, such as palm trees. Different species of evergreens thrive in a wide range of climates. It’s possible to find these trees in wet, dry, hot and cold regions. Their locations range from mountain summits to islands and rainforests!

Evergreens Are Home to Tons of Animals

Evergreens provide shelter throughout the year for tons of furry friends. Different animals can live in them (thanks to their excellent climbing or flying skills). Grey squirrels, chipmunks, bald eagles, owls and chickadees all use evergreen trees as home base through the winter months! Some creatures even take up residence in the holes created by woodpeckers. 

Christmas Trees Started In Europe

Northern Europeans began using fir Christmas trees before anyone else. The tradition gradually spread across Europe. Despite the eventual introduction of artificial evergreens, America’s Christmas tree farms currently span roughly 1 million acres! Many of today’s holiday trees are spruces, pines or firs.

Evergreen Trees Are Our Friends

Evergreens often benefit people who live nearby. During the winter, they can enhance comfort and cut heating expenses by protecting homes from brisk winds. Their thick foliage reduces cooling costs when it shields buildings from bright summer sunlight. They also block and absorb traffic noise throughout the year.

Evergreen Essential Oil Is Powerful!

Use Evergreen Essential Oil Blend, a forest fresh scent, to release negativity and emotional upsets. Allow the emerald-green energy to raise your vibration to restore body, mind, and spirit. Cleanse your space with this antiseptic oil for relief of respiratory challenges. A perfect aromatherapy combination for the Winter Holidays and to clean your countertops with pine and spruce.

Our limited edition Evergreen Tangerine soaps and scrubs are now available for celebrating the wonder of winter as well as bringing a refreshing bathing experience all season long! Pro tip: These soaps are perfect for gifting! 

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