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January 20, 2022 2 min read

Our skin balms are a multitasking skin hero! Not only are skin balms great for spot treatment and on-the-go moisture, but their active and natural ingredients alone are fantastic for body care. In my apothecary studies, I became enamored with balms and their healing powers. This blog is running through all the amazing ways my skin balms can be used to self care and wellness! 

Scalp and Hair Care

My skin balm is loaded with rich oils such as jojoba, coconut, and Vitamin E, all which are great for moisturizing a dry scalp of the ends of your hair when you need it. I love gently massaging this into my scalp when I have a hot-spot that itches, or what I notice the tips of my hair are looking rather dull. Great for winter dryness or soothing a sunburnt scalp! 

two skin balms lay on wooden table with raw piece of ginger

Helps with Breastfeeding Irritation

For all my new mothers - I know how dry the nipple area can get when you're breastfeeding! I discovered that this skin balm is amazing for hydrating and healing an often overworked area. My skin balms are not only packed with natural ingredient that are actually effective, but the gentle essential oils in these formulations will help heal that area as well. One note: just make sure the skin balm is fully absorbed before breastfeeding your little one. 

Wound Healing and Moisture

Balms are meant to heal! And traditionally, a balm is a botanical mixture that protects a wounded area while also providing nourishment to the skin's surface as it heals. My skin balms are a great addition to an abrasion that needs extra assistance in the healing process. After cleansing the wound fully, apply any antibacterial ointment you might need, as well as our skin balm to help keep the area hydrated and nourished. 

hand holds skin balm in shadow of sunset lighting

Hand Care and Massaging

I religiously use my skin balms for cuticle care, hydrating my hands, and spot treatment moisturization. The shea butter and coconut oil in my skin balms provide lasting moisture for your hands and nails. I also love using my skin balms for massaging! The balms melt to your body's temperature one they are activated on the skin's surface - making for an enriching moisturizer for a massage (either on yourself or someone else!). 

hand cups and holds two skin balms from etta and billie

Foot Care When You Need It

We all know how hard our feet work! They always need the extra TLC - and foot care really pays off. Using our skin balm on your heels, toes, and balls of your feet will ease the hard work from the day. I love following up a salt soak with my skin balms all over, massaging where I need it, to break up callouses and release the stress I hold in my feet. 

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