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January 12, 2022 2 min read

Are you trying to be more sustainable in 2022? Let us help you! We offer refill options for both our Hand + Body Lotion as well as our Hand + Body Wash! You can simply order your scent choice when on the product page and we'll send you a 16oz. plastic pouch that can be recycled at home - or you can return to us! Check out why our refill pouches are the step in the right direction towards making your home more sustainable in this new year. 

Reducing The Use of Materials

In general, by purchasing refill pouches with us, you reduce the manufacturing, use, and waste of so many materials and resources. Etta + Billie refill pouches make it possible to save the sending of our glass bottles, the padding it takes to send them, the tossing of the bottle once your liquid soap or lotion is empty, and even another plastic pump ending up in the landfill! 

We'll Help You Recycle Your Plastic Pouch 

As a way to help our customers whose recycling centers might not accept the type of plastic that our refill pouches are made of - we've began a recycling program as a way to prevent these pouches from ending up in the landfill! It's so easy to do, all you do is just send your pouch to our studio location whenever you are done and we'll handle the rest. This is just another way to help promote sustainability from our products to our customer's homes! 

Decreasing Your Carbon Footprint

If you have one larger goal in 2022, it should be to take steps to diminish your carbon footprint! Our refill pouches are a perfect way to help the long-from manufacturing and production process of goods. As much as we love seeing glass bottles in your home, we are also happy to deliver our luxurious liquid soap or lotion to your front door without the bottle. And if you're ever curious on what your carbon footprint, in total, might look like - then calculate your carbon footprint here! 

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