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August 09, 2021 2 min read

I started thinking about why some of my customers lean more towards the body lotion, while others lean towards my body oil - when I realized that I should just take a deep dive into what makes both of them so great! On the one hand, you have lovely moisturization (without feeling slimy) from my body lotion. While on the other hand, the body oil is perfect for extremely dry conditions that need an extra boost of nutrients. Check out why my customers and I love that lotion and body oil. 

etta and billie body lotion and body oil in bath tub

Etta + Billie Lotion Is Packed with Quality Ingredients

It's true - our blend of skin reviving ingredients like rich organic cocoa butter, soothing organic aloe, softening organic coconut oil and vitamin rich sunflower oil is sourced from sustainable producers and they're all organic. No weird stuff that might irritate your skin or clog your pores. Our body lotion is blended with 100% natural essential oils, so you won't be left feeling like a synthetic fragrance nightmare.  

Our Bath + Body Oil Is A Botanical Dream

Not only is the bath and body oil designed to soothe your sense, it also deeply enriches and moisturize skin while absorbing quickly. Its versatile also - so you can rub from head to toe after a shower or drop into a nice hot bath & moisturize while you relax in the tub (sounds pretty nice right about now!). 

etta and billie body oil on corner of bathroom sink

Body Lotion VS. Body Oil 

  • Body lotion is perfect for someone living in high humid areas or with a more oily skin type - as you don't want to over moisture with the body oil. 
  • Body oil is perfect for someone living in really dry areas who also has dry skin. Because sometimes your lotion just doesn't moisturize as deeply as you need. 
  • Body oil can also be combined with your favorite lotion. I love to drop 2-3 drops per 3 pumps of lotion and evenly disperse where needed. This boosts the smell of my lotion and leaves a really rich layer of moisture on my skin. 
  • Body oil is perfect for travel - since it passes the TSA liquid limits and it won't explode in your bag. 
  • Body lotion, on the other hand, is great for keeping at your desk, bedside table, or by your kitchen sink for a non-greasy blast of moisture on your hands!

While it seems that it depends on your skin type & weather conditions - it's also about what you prefer! Shop our body lotion collection and body oil collection to see which of our four core scents is the one for you! 

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