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August 02, 2021 2 min read

Moisturizing your lips: It's a skincare step that many of us simply don't realize the importance of, and that's okay! Lip moisturization is an essential step in the skincare process not because it makes those lips luscious, but because its actually protecting the thinnest part of the skin's barrier. The Etta + Billie lip balm collection provides rich nutrient and moisturization to repair your sensitive lips.

etta and billue lip balm being held in front of field of grass


Anti-Aging & Protection

Your lips naturally lose collagen over the years, and that's okay! But that's why its even more important to keep your lips moisturized to restore the youthful look and appearance of the lip's texture. Consistent lip moisturization also protects against extreme or changing climates. I always make sure to moisturize before bed and throughout the day (keeping in mind my sun exposure, be careful!). 

etta and billie lip balm trio on white backdrop

The Special Etta + Billie Blend 

Our lip balms are a perfect combination of cooling and stimulating ingredients like peppermint and spearmint, lavender, and ginger orange. This blend of organic oils, shea butter, vitamin E, and coconut oil will repair any cracked lips, rejuvenate the lips surface after a long day, and even leave a refreshing scent across the lips surface (oh so sultry). 

etta and billie lip balm trio against stucco wall


A Pop of Lip Color

Are you a regular lip stick wearer? If yes, then you simply must incorporate our hefty lip balms into your daily routine to have your moisturization covered for under your lip color. Additionally, consistent lip moisturization can add a natural glow to your lips - for those of you that rock a natural lip. Shop our array of lip balm flavors for you or that special someone - head to our website

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