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March 04, 2021 2 min read

Shea butter is an ultra rich, soothing, solid oil hydrator! Not only does it help with nourishing your skin, but shea butter also contains antioxidant powers and anti-aging. It is one of the cornerstones of Etta + Billie product! We love it for how it boosts our essential oil blends, and how it leaves all of our customer's skin feeling extra soothed. 

Hand holding up Etta and Biliie soap bar

Added Hydration

Shea butter is a super nutrient, if you will, that is loaded with vitamins E, D, and A , as well as phytosterols. It not only deeply moisturizes layers of your skin, but also calms the skin! We highly recommend using in extreme & dry weather conditions for lasting moisture and protection. Our lip balms & skin balms are ideal for long lasting moisture and spot treatments - and are loaded with shea butter! 

Etta and Billie lavender lip balm on wood surface with lavender sprigs

All Natural Plumping

Dry skin = sad skin. Moisturized skin = super happy skin! Shea butter is truly a perfect match for creating that natural glow we're all striving for. That deep layer moisturization is the key to helping the natural signs of "aging" - in a healthy way. Fine lines and wrinkles are beautiful, but the incorporation of shea butter might soften things up and add some elasticity that your skin needs! 

Hand holding Etta + Billie sea salt scrub amongst greenery

Anti-Inflammatory & Smoothing

Inflammation is so common on our skin! When first creating the E+B product catalog, it became so important to use ingredients that offer not just amazing smells but tried & true benefits for the skin surface. This is also why shea butter is such a commonly used ingredients amongst our collections! At E+B, we use organic shea butter in so many of our best sellers - such as our bar soaps, sea salt scrubs, lip balms and luxurious skin balms

Rows of Etta and Billie citrus poppy bar soap

How is your daily or weekly skin care routine doing in these dry winter months? For some of us, shea butter might be an essential even through the summer season as well! If you're feeling dryness (such as on your elbows or knees), products with shea butter might be your savior. Browse our moisture collection and wash products

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