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March 11, 2021 2 min read

International Women's Day felt different for many of us in 2021 - we witnessed both the swearing in of the first female Vice President in history and the disappearance of millions of women from the workforce due to the distance learning and shelter in place. We wanted to find a nonprofit in our new home of Ventura that worked to lift women and marginalized communities up - and we were so fortunate to find Interface

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Interface Children & Family Services

This amazing nonprofit is providing resources and support for victims of domestic and sexual violence. Their mission is "strengthening children, families and communities to be safe, healthy and thriving." Interface provides 30 programs areas including mental health and trauma treatment, domestic violence and child abuse prevention, youth crisis & homelessness, human trafficking, justice services, early child and family development, and 2-1-1 information and assistance in 40 California counties. That's huge! 

Some Important Statistics

  • 40% of California women experience domestic violence in their lifetime (CPEDV).
  • An estimated 835,000 men are physically assaulted by their partner every year (NIJ & CDC).
  • Girls and young women between the ages of 16 and 24 experience the highest rate of intimate partner violence -- almost triple the national average (US DOJ).
  • 3.3+ million children witness Domestic Violence each year
  • 76% of children who grow up in homes with domestic violence will end up becoming perpetrators of domestic violence as adults
  • In Ventura County alone, there are approximately 7,200 allegations of domestic violence, 5,500 allegations of child abuse/neglect, 3,900 allegations of elder abuse and 200 allegations of adult sexual assault each year.

And in regard to youth in crisis: According to the Ventura County Office of Education, in 2018, 5,291 students were temporarily doubled up or at-risk of homelessness. 538, or 10% of them met the federal definition of homelessness.

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Why We Care

Etta + Billie's core values are kindness, care, and helping others out. We have always contributed to nonprofits in the San Francisco Bay Area that serve as a safe haven or resource center for women and families that need it. Interface's work is so important because of their comprehensive support system AND the extremely profound work that they do. We highly encourage our E+B network to sign up for their newsletter, check out their blog, and contribute

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