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April 28, 2022 3 min read

It's just about the time to celebrate the special moms in your life - and we have another list of nourishing body care favorites and artisan gifts! Whether you're a new or not-so-new-mom, mother figure to someone, missing your mom, or are trying to become a mom, these gifts are guaranteed to uplift and put a smile on your face! Mother's Day looks different to everyone - and we're sharing some of our favorite makers and artisans to gift this holiday.

sharon z jewelry

Sharon Z Jewelry

Sharon Z is a San Francisco based jewelry designer that makes modern, iconic pieces for everyday wear or for glamming up on special occasions. Sharon's makes are characterized by their ethically sourced materials, organic look and feel, and beautiful combinations of gold, silver, and gemstones. She shares that her pieces are further transformed by her customer's personality when they wear it, "Expression. That’s what I’m here for! In a culture inundated with social media and comparison, my designs give you the freedom to express that there’s no one else quite like you in this wild world." She also has jewelry classes and workshops! Shop her range of pieces here, or give the gift of a jewelry lesson here!

equipe designs

Colorful Textiles, Bags and Masks by EQUIPE

Equipe is a Marin County based studio that makes functional textile pieces for everyday wear. Their collection include design-forward aprons, bags and tote bags, towels, napkins, and masks. They also donate 1 mask for every two sold on their website to the Canal Alliance, a non-profit social services agency that serves the largely immigrant community in the Canal District of San Rafael, CA! Equipe makes its masks and some of its fabric from overstock fabric - and focuses heavily on using sustainable packaging and helping the planet as much as possible! Shop their collection of unique (and super useful) textiles for the mom in your life! 

etta and billies lavender body care gift set

The Etta + Bille Body Care Gift Set

Our Body Care Gift Set is a great way to give the gift of self care! This customer favorite includes our body lotion, soap, and sea salt body scrub. This set is a start-to-finish body care experience that leaves our customers feeling nourished and glowing. You can gift this set in three different scent profiles - either Lavender, Geranium Patchouli, and Citrus. Our blend of organic ingredients and essential oils offer a luxurious aromatherapy experience - guaranteed to help boost the spirits of the busy mom in your life! Shop our Body Care Gift Sets in Lavender, Geranium Patchouli, and Citrus here! 

orta kitchen gardens starter pot

Orta Kitchen Gardens

These adorable seed and countertop starter pots are an amazing gift for the mom in your life that has a green thumb or has an established garden! Made from terracotta and designed for the perfect hydration and growth - these pots are a really special gift! They are genius as well, and have their own water reservoirs so you can take great care of your seed stars. With Orta pots, you can't over-water and you can't under-water. All you do is fill the reservoir once a week and your seedlings get exactly the moisture they need! Not to mention, they will look amazing in a garden or on your sunny countertop! Shop their collection of signature pots and seed to pair with it here!

etta and billie happy hands set

The Etta + Billie Happy Hands Set

Our Happy Hands Set comes with a Hand + Body Lotion and Skin Balm in whichever scent you'd like from our collection! Talking from experience, I know how much my hands work throughout the day as a mom. Moisturized hands are happy hands! With all the necessary hand washing you're doing, your skin is taking quite the beating. Replenish much-needed moisture with our all-natural hydrating body lotion and skin balm set. This set is perfect for different lifestyles and occupations - meaning it can adorn a nightstand or bathroom counter - or be taken on the go where your busy mom needs it! Shop the set here

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