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April 22, 2022 3 min read

Sustainability and conservation are core pillars of the Etta + Billie mission. In honor of Earth Day 2022, we're sharing some easy eco-friendly hacks for you to adopt in the kitchen, bathroom, and in the wild. Making slight changes to your routine that limit waste, plastic use, and unnecessary damage to the planet are so impactful - just imagine if the rest of the world was following this pattern. Turns out, so many of us are! Here are some of my favorite ways to celebrate Earth Day in my everyday routine. 

How To Be Sustainable In The Kitchen

We, as a society, us a lot of plastic in our kitchens. That's been the norm for decades now. But luckily for us, we now have so many amazing options that aren't plastic! Simple swaps like wax cloths and stasher bags are a great way to lessen single-use plastic. You can use these for fridge storage and for on the go, win win! I also love using fabric storage and lids from Aplat instead of foils and plastic wrap (seriously, you have to check them out!). Another awesome swap for plastic in the kitchen is to reuse any plastic blag that isn't dirty - think bread bags, quinoa bags, nut bags - all of that can be resealed and used again! 

Etta + Billie Liquid Soap Refill Pouch

Tips For Being Sustainable In The Bathroom

One obvious swap would be to go for eco-friendly brands that fit your budget. Keeping in mind that not every brand that says they are green is actually green, and that there are tons of other affordable brands with eco-friendly missions! Some key indicators include - sustainable packaging, eco-friendly materials, and their general mission for a better world. In short, do what is best for your bank account. You can also recycle jars and containers for other storage uses and spices! In addition, I cannot stress this enough, do not leave the water running when washing your face! Water waste is a huge stressor on our natural environments, so don't just let it flow down the drain unnecessarily. 

We also highly recommend using concentrates or refill options as much as possible. Refills are a great way to lessen packaging, material, glass, plastic, and manpower. Etta + Billie offer refill options our liquid soap as well as our lotion! More of your favorite skincare essentials, with the eco-friendly spin you need right now! We even have a dedicated recycling program to help dispose of your refill pouches responsibly. Just our way of lending a helping hand! 

Easy Sustainability Tips For In The Wild 

One major tip I suggest everyone do by now if they haven't already - is bring your own reusable straws and utensils! This is a powerful way to help eliminate waste and help the environment majorly. Also, if it's possible for you, walk and bike where you can afford to. It's great for the mind, body, soul - and planet, so why the heck wouldn't you!? Another major tip is to swap your plastic water bottle for a reusable one (duh), bring your own grocery bags, and dispose of your trash as responsibly as possible. 

Earth Day is an amazing way to celebrate the amazing things that the planet provides - and a way to unite together for conservation, climate change awareness, and eco-friendly consensus. And of course - contributing to environmental organizations and voting FOR the environment will help push us towards long term change! 


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