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June 17, 2020 1 min read

1. Gin + Tonic Soap | Our Gin + Tonic soap is refreshing, yet herbaceous. Upgrade dad's shower with this delicious cocktail in soap form! - $14

2. Kyrgies Slippers | Who doesn’t need slippers with these stay-at-home orders? Kyrgies slippers are made from the best wool in the world and manufactured in their women-run factory. These sustainably-made shoes are high-quality, durable, and odor resistant (a total necessity for a dad’s slippers lol). - $69

3. AirfryerThe airfryer is an amazing gadget. It creates deliciously fried foods with little to no oil and much less mess! Perfect for swapping out dad's favorite fried foods for a healthier alternative. - $280

4. Old Fashion Kit | Make your own drinks at home with this all-in-one cocktail kit from Epicurean Trader. - $89

5. Fiorella Pizza | Enjoy the fresh-out-the-oven goodness of pizza at home from Fiorella. Plus, they’ve got a special Father’s Day Feast to celebrate the special day that is available for pre-order now! - $28

6. Outdoor Voices ActivewearFor the dad who likes to stay active, gift him with some pieces from Outdoor Voices’ activewear line. They source sustainable textiles like wool and recycled polyester and remain committed to ethical labor practices. - $35

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