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April 13, 2023 2 min read

Who else dreads yet loves a big “spring” clean?  The concept of a super clean house is wonderful but not the reality of spending an entire day cleaning it. Of course, you could pay someone else to clean your house but like many folks, my honey and I are on a money-saving bender right now so that is not an option. In an effort to make our lives a tad easier, I found some great tips for getting the various areas of the kitchen clean and organized in no time.

Bonus: One of my favorite tips to make cleaning less terrible – add a mimosa break because nothing makes cleaning more palatable than an adult beverage. 😉

Best Spring Cleaning Tips with Natural Safe Cleaners

Get the Whole House Clean

Spring Cleaning Checklist on Canva.com is a nice customizable printable checklist option (I do love a good checklist). Nice way to focus your cleaning efforts and you can always break the tasks up so you’re doing one set each day for 7 days.

Guide to Spring Cleaning your Whole House from Apartment Therapy. My favorite tip, choose one space to focus on that will have the biggest impact (kitchen perhaps?!)

The 11 Most Popular Kitchen Related Cleaning Hacks on Pinterest Right Now – from the Kitchn

10 Surprising Things You can Clean in Your Dishwasher - Woah, I never considered using my dishwasher to clean light switch covers! Excellent cleaning hack.

DIY Natural All Purpose Cleaner – I share my easy and effective recipe here.

Keep the Kitchen Clean

Keep the garbage can, laundry basket, etc smelling fresh with this tip. I think Eucalyptus and Mint would be an amazing combo.

Brilliant list of ways to use command hooks to keep your kitchen organized from Apartment Therapy.

A few cleaning hacks to add to your daily/weekly kitchen list to keep your kitchen clean and save you some time too!

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