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April 16, 2021 2 min read

We are over the moon to have Beacon Coffee Co. as a part of our Gold Coast giveaway. This Ventura coffee roastery not only serves up some of the most delicious coffee, but they also take great care in sourcing their beans to create a truly impeccable roast. Their coffee company is so much more than coffee - and we are grateful for it!

Rows of coffee beans on a counter for testing

The Roastery

Beacon Coffee is known for the community that it fosters and their supply chain. The owners, John and Jennifer Weir, state that “There is an incredible amount of care that goes into the coffee we source, and we work hard to ensure that we honor that through the whole process. Bridging the gap between grower and consumer was the reason we started Beacon in 2010.” As a coffee-obsesses-customer, you also have the option to join their collective, a monthly subscription service that gives you a unique array of coffees that they source & roast.

Jennifer weir headshot, owner of beacon coffee

Beacon Coffee x The Gold Coast

Just like we asked Findings Market in our other blog post (check it out), we asked Beacon Coffee a little bit about their relationship to the Gold Coast, and what living here means to them!

Why did you start your business?

“We started Beacon to bridge the gap between the customer and producer. We thought being here in beautiful Ventura County, that folks would truly appreciate the work and story of these coffees. We based our culture in education through public cuppings (coffee tastings) pour over classes, water chemistry classes and Coffee pairing dinners to showcase just how special these coffees are, but also not to be intimidated by specialty coffee. We still have our 'Coffee of the Day' priced at a reasonable $3.25 a cup, and make everything fresh to order because we truly believe everyone should have an opportunity to enjoy incredible coffee.”

What is your favorite part about living on the Central Coast?

“My favorite part about being on the Central Coast is that we literally have everything at our finger tips. Our abundance of fresh food, spirits, wine and beer and some of the most sought after fruits and veggies in the country. Also, the sense of community and support within small business. I feel it is truly genuine in wanting to see everyone do what they love and share that with the world.”

What is your favorite Central Coast spot?

My favorite spot is Loon Point Beach, which I hesitate to share because one of the reasons I love it so much is that it seems like its still this mostly unknown spot. It reminds me of the small secluded beaches of Cape Cod (where I grew up) and something magical always happens when I get a chance to go.. dolphins, folks coming down to horseback ride at sunset. It is a really special place, perfect for a mini recharge.

Jennifer Weir, owner of beacon coffee, on site sourcing with a coffee farmer

Join The Giveaway!

Are you sold yet!? You should be. Be sure to join our Gold Coast Giveawayand enter a chance to win some of Beacon Coffee’s amazingness. The winner will be announced on Monday 4/19. We highly recommend you check out their website, https://www.beaconcoffee.com/, and follow them on social media - @beaconcoffee

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