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February 16, 2021 2 min read

We have come up with a step by step guide to getting those tricky pumps to open! Follow the handy guide below so you can start using that luxurious lotion ASAP. 

Etta + Billie is known for its nourishing body care products and ultra-moisturizing organic lotions. Our products are always sent to you in the most eco-friendly packaging, but sometimes packaging can give you a hard time! Thanks to our great customers, we learned that lotion pumps have had some problematic pumps that are difficult to open. No bueno.

After learning about this issue, we changed all of our packaging so this wouldn't keep happening, new bottles and new pumps but the same great lotion!

Tools To Fix Your Lotion Pump

Yes, this process does require the help of some tools, but we've kept it simple! We're demonstrating with our customer favorite, the Geranium Patchouli Lotion. FYI - this grounding and floral lotion converts some of the most fervent patchouli haters! 
You will need:
  • That bottle of lotion with a non-opening annoying pump
  • Needle nose or other pliers
  • A bit of strength

Steps To Unlock Your Lotion Pump

1. Using your pliers, grip the smooth part of the pump top  to hold it firmly in place. (it's that round part between the "neck" that goes around the bottle top and the actual pump)

using pliers to fix etta + billie lotion pump

2. Move the nozzle in the direction of the arrow where OPEN is stated while keeping the smooth part firmly in place using the pliers.

holding lotion pump in place while repair broken etta + billie lotion pump

3. Twist it continuously until you see the stem of the lotion pump pop-up. Voila!

twisting lotion pump with pliers to repair problematic lotion pump


Pump about a penny to quarter size amount of lotion on your hand. Apply to hands, arms or any dry patches. BOOM! You’re done! You are now on your way to hydrated glowing skin.

Etta + Billie Hand and Body Lotions are perfect for everyday use or for those self care moments. Either way, Etta + Billie has your bath and body favorites. Shop more of our products here! 


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