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February 17, 2021 2 min read

It's one of the hardest things we can learn to do as adults - balancing self care, life, and all the other tasks at hand. Finding moments of zen can look differently for everyone, especially when you have a line of items demanding your attention (like in my case, my family and my business!). Here are some of our tips to incorporate some more self care into your weekly routine - and relax! 

person holding cup of tea with flowers on the table

Think In Smaller Chunks of Time

We are often so occupied throughout our day - and the idea of carving out hours for "me time" is simply not on the table. Which is why I highly recommend starting out with 10 - 30 minutes of time dedicated solely to relaxation and productivity. And you never know - these minutes could turn into hours as time goes by! Reading a book for 15 minutes in the morning, stretching for 5 minutes, or even drinking coffee outside in the fresh air for 7 minutes could have such an impact on your busy weeks! 

person holding book while lounging in bed

Simplifying Or Rebuilding Your Routine 

It's been said, work smarter not harder. Are there things in your life that are complicated for you, yet could be easily done by another individual or not at all? Try making things easier for yourself, learning to ask for help, or even making the investment to have someone else do it for you! It's okay to let go once in a while, and even more okay to ask for help from friends and loved ones. 

etta and billie skin care set laying flat on counter top

Replacing Old Habits With New Ones 

We all know what our major problem is - screens, right!? What are some practices that can take the place of staring at a screen (and save you from some of that blue light). For me, I have been working hard to not binge TV and catch up on my reading, although it is easier said than done. Another hot tip that might work for you is incorporating more intentional skincare into your life! Our scent blends of essential oils and rich ingredients are geared towards calming your sense and making daily routines full of pleasure. Check out our skincare sets







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