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April 30, 2021 2 min read

Feeling like you need some intense self-care but can't get to a spa? No problem! Luckily, you can whip up a DIY spa experience at home in minutes. Some essentials that you need are: your favorite candles or diffuser, a shower of bath, a scrub or sea salt soak (we have plenty if you need one), oh and time set aside for you! Other things that I also like to include are my favorite relaxation playlist, post-spa moisturization, and maybe a face mask! 

essential oil diffuser is lit for spa experience


Getting In The Zone 

For some of us, we have to carve out the time for self care, and that's not always the easiest things to do. But, when you're able to finally have some alone time - you want to make sure that you are in the correct mental space for ultimate relaxation. This is why I suggest music, you can check out these amazing calming playlists on Spotify! Lighting candles, incense, or turning on your diffuser will also help get you in the zone. 

etta and billie bath products over bathtub

Pick Your Favorite Skincare Products 

Bath & spa time essentials require body products with essential oils (for aromatherapy) and rich ingredients that have positive benefits for your skin! This could be a bath bomb or sea salt soak, bath & body oils, or even just your favorite body scrub (check out the Etta + Bille line!). Combine this with the relaxing aura you're creating and BOOM, you are in for a true spa experience. 

person dripping essential oils into their hand for at home spa experience

Take Time After For Yourself 

This part is essential! For any of us that have been to a spa before, you always remember leaving not just extremely calmed, but taken care of! Spa experiences are just as much about your skin as they are about the mind. Once you finish your hot bath or steamy shower, take some time to deeply moisturize your skin - or even do a facial! I always like to round off my spa evenings with a thorough skincare routine and full body moisturization with my body oils and lotions. I also highly recommend taking a moment for deep breathes or even meditating! 

etta and billie bath and body oil at home spa experience

As much as I love spas - it's sometimes hard to get in there for an appointment (or they are out of the budget!). It's so easy to create nearly the same self-care spa experience at your home. All you need is time, product, and some peace a quiet. Happy bathing! 

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