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May 06, 2021 2 min read 1 Comment

A lot of people ask where I got the inspiration for my company name - or they assume its named after the blues legends Etta James and Billie Holiday. But the real story is that I pulled inspiration from my grandmothers! They were not just a profound part of my childhood, but they were two of the greatest women I've known. In honor of Mother's Day, I wanted to share two light hearted stories about the Etta and Billie, in the hopes of putting a smile on your face as they did mine. 

Grandma Etta - My Dad's Mother

Family picture of Grandma Etta at her graduation in cap and gown
As told by my Dad: "Grandma was not a great baker. She had a stove/oven that had two sides. She didn’t use one of the ovens so she stored stuff in that side. She decided to bake one night and unfortunately used the oven she stored her cookbook and a quart of honey in. The cookbook got burned but grandma saved it by adding a tin foil cover. The honey became a hard candy treat. Ha!

Grandma was set up for a fundraiser for school so she decided to make cupcakes. She mixed up the batter and poured it into the little paper cups. The only problem, she didn't put those paper cups into a cupcake. They melted all over the stove to become amoeba cupcakes. That enlisted a trip to the local grocery to buy a real cake." 

Grandma Billie - My Mom's Mother 

Picture of Grandma Billie in white dress when she was young
As told by my Mom: "Well, my Mom was really a kid at heart as far back as I can remember. She’d ride skateboards with us and when we went camping she’d brave the swing out over the water, even though she didn’t swim. All the other grownups were not going for it. She had her own Honda 90 and would tool around with the other folks driving 250’s and bigger bikes. Grandma liked to stay busy. She loved gardening and being outside. She'd spend hours upon hours picking weeds so her property looked like a park. Unfortunately, she was a bit accident-prone so dislocated her elbow twice! Yikes! She was an understanding and fantastic mom! I miss laughing with her always!"
Young girl and Grandma at soda fountain Young girl and grandma at soda fountain
Me and my grandma Etta at the soda fountain

I would not have been inspired to start my business if it were not for my family! Etta + Billie is dedicated to the core values that my grandmothers and my mom instilled in me. This Mother's Day, show your mom you care with more than just a card & flowers - celebrate the little things and the memories you have together! 

Picture of 2 grandmas, mom, and 2 sisters

My grandmas, my mom, my sister, and me - 3 generations of women! 

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Amy Huggins
Amy Huggins

May 20, 2021

What great stories! 💕

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