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May 13, 2021 2 min read

Whether you’re meal prepping for yourself, your family, or for just better nutrition practices - it always helps for some fresh ideas to get the cooking creativity going! I wanted to share some of my go-to meal prep concepts that get me actually excited to prepare (and eat!). I also highly recommend subscribing to any food newsletters that can send you an endless steam of recipes that will knock your socks off. I am a diehard NYT Cooking and I think you should be too!

image of stew in ceramic bowl

Stews & Chilis!

Are you a crock pot owner? Or even better, do you like to sneak in nutrient rich ingredients into your meals? Then I’m going to encourage you to explore the world of soup! I love making this style of food because I can add in beans, rice, loads of veggies, homemade broths, rich spices - the list goes on! Stews and chillis are fantastic because they can be paired with toppings like avocado or fresh cheese - and pair exceptionally with warm breads of grilled cheese. Okay I'm hungry now. 

Check out these recipes! 

Vegan White Bean Chili

Veggie Chili Mac

Healthy Beef Stew


person holding fresh spring rolls over plate

Finger Foods and Build-ables

I always saw people making their own spring rolls, lettuce wraps, and even sushi & was deeply afraid of embarking on such a task. But, with the right ingredients, patience, and practice - recipes like this become a real joy! I enjoy making buildable because they are great to make with friends and the ingredients stay pretty fresh when separated - perfect for meal prepping! If you are feeling nervous like I was - don’t worry, watch a couple videos, start with fun tacos & lettuce wraps, and work your rolling skills up!

Try these! 

Lettuce Wraps 

Vegan Sushi

Fresh Spring Rolls


close up on spatula stirring a cooking pot of rice with veggies

Rices, Stir Fries, Oh My!

While these might be THE meal prep classic (the OG, if you will), rice dishes are not just delicious but can be loaded with nutrients! I love to spruce them up with fresh greens & veggies, or even just toss a fried egg on there if I’m craving it. You can also go so many directions with rice/grain dishes - they can be hot or cold, countless different flavor profiles, and also super hearty. I love how dynamic these can be! 

You might enjoy:

Jeweled Rice Pilaf


Southwest Rice Salad


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