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June 01, 2021 2 min read

Warmer weather means showing more skin! And if you're anything like me, getting ready for summer has not been a top priority during the tail end of this pandemic. I wanted to do a quick dive into these 3 products that will be kind to your skin and get you glowing for summer. And even better - my sea salt body scrub bar, bath & body oil, and room & body spray are all under $25! 

lavender sea salt body scrub next to air plant


Sea Salt Body Scrub - $14

Exfoliation - we all know how important it is to release those dead skin cells and wake up your skin’s surface! But do you have an easy sea salt scrub that you can stick in your shower? I love the design of our scrub bars that fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and allow for easy scrubbing! They are also packed with moisturizing ingredients that leave your skin literally glowing! Explore our sea salt body scrubs in all of our signature scents.

And in case you’re curious, check out our previous blog post on how to ensure you're properly exfoliating (and not doing harm to your skin!)

bath and body oil on counter

Body Oil - $20

Our bath & body oil is perfect to add to your nightly routine for deep moisturization. Nourishing your skin is great protection against the sun & will help make that tan last longer! A rich blend of jojoba, vitamin E, and sunflower oil leaves your skin deeply moisturized, and paired with lush essential oils, you can’t lose! You can also pair with a warm bath to do your relaxing & moisturizing in one. This is a hydrating body oil that can easily be used from your head to your toes to hydrate skin, hair, and nails!

Disclaimer: Don’t use our oils when tanning, always wear sunscreen, and be kind to that skin against UV rays!

lavender room and body spray on bed of lavender

Room & Body Spray - $16

I love our body spray because it is ultra refreshing, lasts a while, and awakens the senses. It’s a natural blend of four simple ingredients; spring water, witch hazel, non-GMO organic vegetable glycerin and essential oils. The room & body spray is gentle on skin and doesn’t leave any sort of sticky residue that some perfumes or facial mists do. And it's all natural! This spray is versatile while also super gentle on your skin. Lucky for you, I carry this in all of my signature scents! Hot Tip: Put the spray in your fridge to create an extra cooling skin treat. Check it out!

bath and body oil and scrub in bathtub

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