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June 03, 2021 2 min read

Hard to believe that Father's Day is upon us! But luckily for us that means we get to pick out some of our favorite artisan goods to give all those awesome dads out there. We not only love these fellow makers because of their products or design, but also because of their mission! Check out this array of awesome goodies for some gift inspiration this Father's Day! 

1. The Etta + Billie Beard and Face Oil 

A dad classic, I must say. This blend of evergreen with antioxidant-rich black cumin seed oil and hydrating yet light Abyssinian oil will tone and face and moisturize the beard amazingly! Get a bottle for him here! 

2. Objects from Daniel Michalik 

With a focus on sustainable material and fresh design, Daniek Michalik's craftmanship is so special! His current collections of cork and housewares are perfect for unique gifting to loved ones. My current fave, the planters & vessels! 

3. Bent Wood Planters by Art of Plants

So so cool, right!? These handmade wood planters make a statement with their abstract look and feel. Each piece is entirely unique and so great for sparking conversation! 

4. The Negroni Soap 

Of course I had to throw this limited edition soap in the mix! My Negroni soap is perfect for dad's because its the perfect combination of sweet and bitter and a little boozy. I always like to think that this is the perfect bar for the hard-to-please people in your life. 

5. The Not Collection from Bitter and Bottles

These collections are designed to offer alternatives to the OG liqueurs that we all know, a way to try new things and explore new artisan makers in the cocktail world. You can choose from Campri, to Lilet, Aperol, bitters, and even gin & vodka! Such a great way to discover new brands and support small businesses - and get a little boozy while you're at it! 

6. Ritual Coffee "Three's A Charm"

Is your dad a coffee lover? Then send him this pack of 3 of the current greatest Ritual coffee'son their menu for him to try! Their selection is ever-changing, which is how you know its extra fresh. What's also great is they'll send this gift directly to your dear pops! 

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