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June 14, 2021 1 min read

I am so excited to announce that you can now refill your Etta + Billie hand and body wash! Not only is this new system eco-friendly, but it's super easy AND you'll get a discount for being oh-so-sustainable. You can now get all of our signature scents in our refill program sent right to your door and ready to pour into your current glass bottles at home. 

Here's How It Works

1. Head to our Hand + Body Wash refill page to see your scent options.

2. Select all the delicious liquid soap you need!

3. Complete your order online & we'll get your package ready to go.

4. Once it arrives at your door, refill your current Etta + Billie bottles or your favorite liquid soap dispensers. 

5. And enjoy your new refreshing soaps while knowing you're being kind to the earth! 

Plastic Pouch Features

This new plastic pouch is significantly kinder to the environment than single-use plastic bottles. These refill pouches are also great because they reduce energy waste in production, require less packaging material to send to you, and even ensure no breakage when your new batch of liquid soap arrives! 


While this pouch is the best option for my new Etta + Billie refill system, it is not perfect. This pouch is not recyclable in your normal residential waste management service, but luckily TerraCycle is available to recycle products such as this! Check out a location near you and drop off your recyclables with them! 


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