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June 24, 2021 2 min read

Looking for some more eco-friendly habits this summer? Us too. We compiled a list of environmentally kind and easy alternatives to choose for your summer activities! Sunshine and outdoor adventures here we come! 

chair in the shade sitting poolside in the summer

My Absolute Favorite Sunscreen 

I am a huge fan of Alba Botanica's Soothing Lavender Sunscreen - not only because it smells amazing but it is 100% natural and gentle on the skin. So many sunscreen's I've used in the past irritate my skin or leave an incredibly greasy residue, except for this one! I highly recommend swapping some of those generic sunscreens you're using for this one. not only to help your skin but to also help the environment! 

alba botanica lavender soothing sunscreen

Using Our Bath + Body Oil

Looking for ways to quench your skin's thirst from the heat & sun? You're probably not alone! I love how my bath + body oil is not only super eco-friendly with a minimal carbon footprint. You can boost your skin's moisture level by dropping this in your lotion or even just rubbing it gently into your skin. The bath + body oil is the perfect travel size and takes less material to produce & ship to you. Winning all around! 

etta and billie clary sage bath and body oil

Food Storing Options 

I have grown so opposed to using plastics when storing in my fridge or on the go! I love that we now have access to environmentally conscious food storage choices for when we're heading to the beach or on a road trip. My favorite choices are: Stasher Bags, Wax Food Wraps, and of course my Reusable Straw. Not only can I feel better about not dumping more single use plastic into the environment but I can look good doing it. 

stasher bags with stored berries

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