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July 01, 2021 2 min read

The summer of 2021 is already looking drastically different than 2020! With the return of events, the decrease in COVID-19 cases, and the ability to see my friends and family again - I am feeling so much joy these days.

person stands at etta and billie stand at outdoor market

New (but old) Things to Celebrate Again

There are little things that, as many of us, took for granted. Etta + Billie just recently was able to return to its first in person makers market in a year! We were featured among many other Central Coast makers in the Open Air Market by Findings Market. I missed that special feelings of sharing Etta + Billie with the artisan community and meeting new customers! 

people sharing plates of food

Summer Recipes Made for Sharing 

Looking for not so boring recipes to share with friends (AKA breaking out of the traditional barbecue mold)? Here are some recipe's that I've come across which I cannot wait to debut at my Fourth of July gathering. 

Broccoli Pasta Salad - super refreshing & a tasty take on super nutrients. 

Caprese Skewers - Let's embrace this absolutely glorious tomato season! I'm also a sucker for rich mozzarella & basil. 

Red Lentil Hummus - With warm pita? Yes please! 

etta and billie lavender scrub on marble  counter

Taking Care of Your Skin Before & After The Sun 

My special blend of enriching ingredients and essential oils are designed to be kind to the skin against challenging conditions. I always recommend moisturizing with my lotion after being in the sun because of its anti-inflammatory properties and moisturization - all key necessities after being exposed to sunshine all day! And once that tan wears off a bit, use our sea salt body scrub to wash away those dead skin cells and glow once again! 


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