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July 08, 2021 2 min read

Exfoliating with coffee is the skincare world’s best hidden secret - but I’m here to share some of the amazing benefits of my mint coffee soap & scrub! This delicious set not only awakens the senses with its rich aromas - but also invigorates the skin cells! Exfoliating with coffee gets rid of skin cells QUICKLY and reveals brighter skin!

Coffee Is An Exfoliation Powerhouse!

Ground coffee is great for exfoliation, quickly and effectively sloughing away dead skin cells to reveal brighter skin! Combine that scrub power with lush cocoa butter and shea butter (like in our body scrub bars) and you can instantly replace any moisture lost from the exfoliation and water exposure. Both our Mint Coffee Soap and Sea Salt Body Scrub has fresh ground coffee in the bar for easy & gentle scrubbing.

Helps Your Skin’s Health

We often think of coffee as super acidic but while it is on the more acidic side of the pH scale, it's actually closer to our skin's natural pH (coffee clocks in somewhere between 4.85 to 5.10 on the pH scale - neutral is 7, and the average pH of your skin is 5.7. On the other end, sea water is an 8 and ammonia is an 11). This is great because coffee is less likely to dry out your skin and it doesn’t throw your skin’s natural microbiome out of whack (microbiome is the ecosystem of bacteria on the skin's surface that help protect against pathogens).

Be Kind To Your Skin

The caffeine found in brewed coffee and coffee essential oil help increase microcirculation of the blood - making skin look healthier and more radiant. Coffee is packed full of antioxidants that naturally fight free radicals. Excessive free radical exposure and build up can lead to oxidative stress that damages cells. Those antioxidants also calm skin! It’s a no brainer that adding coffee to your skincare routine is the must! Pick up our Mint Coffee Scrub & Soap set today!

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