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November 12, 2020 1 min read

I mentioned last week that sometimes, the best thing you can do for your mental health is to simply veg out on a good movie or tv series. It got me wondering, what are you all watching in quarantine? I sent out an Instagram poll and have compiled a few of your Netflix favorites: 


Queen’s Gambit

A personal favorite of mine, the Queen’s Gambit is a new series that takes place during the Cold War era about a young woman who has an amazing talent at playing chess. It’s a compelling story with a bit a drama- definitely a must watch!

Great British Baking Show

This baking show is nothing like the series found on Food Network, and I mean that in the best way! This show is a sweet and humours series that is the perfect light-hearted watch that the whole family can enjoy. It’s definitely been a go-to for me during shelter in place. 

Schitts Creek

Looking for a heartwarming show with excellent acting and writing that will leave feeling good? Look no further than Schitts Creek, a Canadian show that journeys the story of a once-wealthy couple and their newfound journey in poverty.

Anything Christmas!

Yes, you read that right! Christmas is around the corner and it’s certainly not too early to begin the holiday season (especially this year). Get cozy at home and enjoy one of your favorite holiday classics.

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