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September 19, 2014 4 min read

Makers Market is an online marketplace for American Makers who create unique, well-designed, and timeless products for the home and for life. Founder, Suzy Ekman, hand-picks makers who exhibit the highest level of craftsmanship and who use the best materials available to them – so that when you shop, you can be assured that you are purchasing product that is organic, sustainably produced, socially responsible and/or eco-friendly. Makers Market is committed to doing their part to advance the maker movement, and therefore want shoppers to discover the makers up close and personal – through inspiring storytelling, photography and videography. You will feel good about your purchases, knowing that you are supporting our economy and local eco-systems. And the best part? At the same time, you are purchasing beautiful, unique products! Keep reading to find out a few of Suzy Ekman’s favorite things and find out how you can get 20% off at Makers Market until 9/26!

1. Favorite smell?
Smells that take me back to fond memories… Fresh cut grass – a reminder of playing sports until it was too dark to see the ball. The smell after rain – the daily thunderstorms growing up in Alabama. And the smell of a clean, cuddly baby – either the J&J Baby Shampoo or Baby Powder smell.

2. Go to cocktail or beverage?
Well, embarrassingly, historically, I’ve been known as a “foofoo” drinker – love my drinks pretty and fancy. But most recently, trying to stay fit, I’ve switched to virgin mojitos and am very satisfied! – no judgment here, I’ve been known to drink a pina colada every now and then. 🙂

3. Favorite thing to cook?
Chili. There’s nothing better than walking into a house with the rich aroma of chili. Years ago, I got this great turkey chili recipe from a friend, and this has been a favorite in our house since. The dirty little secret is that it tastes so great because it has pork ‘n beans and brown sugar in it! My son usually goes through an entire crock pot in a couple of days when he comes home from college.

4. Furthest place you’ve traveled?
Bora Bora – the travel time was about 18 hours. 4 Air segments: from SF to LA, then from LA to Tahiti, then Tahiti to the island of Raiatea, then Raiatea to Bora Bora. Then a boat from Bora Bora to an island called Taha’a. It was sooo worth the travel. I would highly recommend this resort to anyone wanting to get away from it all. We kayaked from island to island and didn’t see another human all day. The water was crystal clear and lots of great snorkeling.

5. Three Destinations/Experiences on your bucket list? Take my son and daughter to Italy – Venice, Florence, Rome, Pompeii. Cambodia with my family to assist the orphanages. And river barging through Europe, stopping in small villages, with bikes on board to explore the countryside.

6. Favorite memory with your grandmother/grandparents? My favorite memory has to be family time with my big, Greek family. Yia-Yia always had food to feed an unexpected army should they show up at her door. One time we popped in near midnight and she pulled out a spread that would rival Easter dinner. It was incredibly special working with her and all of the other yia-yias to prepare food for the church’s Greek Festival. I smile every time I remember trying to document her family recipes. Nothing was written down, there were no exact measurements. Homemade liquor (ok, moonshine) was to be heated until “you can keep your little pinky in the liquid and not get burned for 13 seconds”. Rolling out the dough for diplas could only be done with a broomstick handle. A rolling pin wouldn’t work (still not sure why). Unruly children were chased out of the kitchen with brooms. A family dinner had 20 – 30 loud Greek talking machines – with everyone giving advise to everyone else, and with everyone trying to talk over everyone else. My grandmother was a very strong woman who had the tiring job of being the only waitress at a Greek diner from 4am – 2pm every day until she passed at age 86. Some say I got my work ethic and tenacity from her!

7. Favorite Etta + Billie product? Right now I absolutely LOVE the Ginger Orange Body Scrub! First of all, it is very clean to handle, unlike some scrubs in a jar. It smells great, is a fantastic exfoliant and leaves your skin silky smooth and moisturized with the butter. Great gift item!

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