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September 24, 2020 2 min read

Our delicious food-centric goodies all have a story behind their creation. Alana Rivera, owner and soap maven of Etta+ Billie will take us through a dive into the history behind our scented concoctions and the foods, memories, and people that helped bring them to life. This week, we are highlighting our classic Mint Coffee!

Tell us about the inspiration behind this scent: 

The Mint Coffee has become one of my favorite scent combinations but it hasn’t always been at the top of my soap list. Back in 2010, I had a coffee soap that was just straightforward coffee, nothing added (I was drinking black coffee at the time). It was a simple, but nice exfoliating soap. 

Around that time, I moved from Haight Ashbury to the Mission District of SF and was introduced to Philz coffee (doing pour over waaay before it was cool). Philz has some unique and fantastic coffee roasts and combinations (hello the Philharmonic with CARDAMOM sprinkled in) but I was always turned off by the Mint Mojito (cold coffee, fresh mint, lots of cream). It just DID NOT sound appealing to me at all. Luckily, a friend of mine was a big fan of that particular drink and insisted that I give it a try. And that was all it took, I was hooked! The mint and coffee paired beautifully in the most unexpected way. I knew I had to turn that combination into a soap and that is how the Cold Brew Mint Coffee was born! 

What products does E+B offer with this scent?

You can find the Mint Coffee in a bar soap and body scrub!

Any recipes/goodies that contributed to its creation:

The delicious and refreshing Mint Mojito Iced Coffee recipe from "Give Me Some Oven"!

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