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November 04, 2021 2 min read

We have a new Etta + Billie gift set favorite returning this year and we are so excited about it! The Holiday Indulgence Gift Set comes with one of our seasonal holiday soaps, your choice of lotion, and a natural loofa. People love it because it is a full bathing experience, and we especially love it because of how nourishing it's ingredients are! 

etta and billie sweater weather soap on marble table top with cinnamon sticks

Aromatherapy Through Holiday Scents

The Holiday Indulgence Set scent comes with the option of our Sweater Weather Soap, Chai Tea Soap, and Evergreen Tangerine Soap. These three scents are our customer's faves because they are reminiscent of warm baking, nights by the fire, and the fresh aromas provided by Christmas trees in the winter air. They are limited edition, so getting them in a set is so rare! I love these soaps because their unique blends of essential oils releases a calm and relaxed feeling - just what some of us need around the holiday season! 

two natural loofahs on black surface

Why We Love Loofas

California grown loofa sponges are a perfect way to exfoliate sustainably. I chose to include this in our Holiday Indulgence Gift Set because of how eco-friendly and lovely they are to use. They are a much better option over plastic loofas because they are grown - and they decompose! The Zero Waste Outlet writes "Natural loofahs are 100% biodegradable and will return to the earth in a matter of months. Once you're done with your natural loofah, simply add it to your compost or bury it straight into the ground. On the contrary, one plastic pouf could take hundreds of years to decompose." Simply amazing! 

woman in bubble bath with feet crossed on the edge of the tub

Draw a Bath, Take a Hot Shower, and Enjoy! 

We wait all year for cooler weather so we can take baths. 'Tis the season for candles, relaxing evenings by the fire, ultra warm and cozy scents, staying in - and doing some self care! Shop all the variations of our Holiday Indulgence Gift Set on our website - you won't regret gifting it to someone you love or even yourself! 



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