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October 30, 2021 3 min read

This year has been intense for so many of us! I thought it would be not just thoughtful, but necessary, to gather a collection of holiday gifts for the folks in your life that need a touch of self care. This year's selection comes complete with bathing essentials, comfy hacks, and aromatherapy - everything someone will need to find ultimate relaxation and self kindness as we end the year. 

Candles/Diffusers from Basik Candle Co. 

This San Francisco based aromatherapy company is hand fragranced, hand poured and hand packaged. Their coconut wax candles range in such luscious scents such as grapefruit, mangosteen, blood orange, bergamot, and even sandalwood and rose. Basik Candle Co. also focusus on scents that are unisex, striking a balance between masculine and feminine. Lastly, their candles are phthalate-free and made from skin-safe fragrance oils. Buy their aromatherapy goodies on their shop! 

Etta and Billie Holiday Soap Trio

Do you want to give the gift of our favorite holiday soap scents of 2021 to your fellow bath entusiast? Then you're in luck with our Holiday Soap Trio! This year's selection includes: Chai Tea, Hot Bourbon + Lemon, and Sweater Weather - all extremely sultry and warming. These three soaps are perfect for everyday shower celebrations, warm baths, and even just a pleasant experience when washing your hands - because self care can come in many shapes and sizes, right!? Grab this unique soap gift set here!

Luxury Linens from Bella Notte Linens

Hand crafted linens?! Yes please! Bella Notte Linens is an artisan, luxury linen line that specializes in high quality, hand dyed sheets and throws. Give someone you love the gift of comfort and quality! Bella Notte Linens is celebrating 25 years of business and continues to pride themselves in the most unique, small batch bed linens! Each of their pieces are made by the hands of master sewers, and garment dyed to order in an artisanal dye house with a hand-mixed color palette. Every Bella Notte product is one-of-a-kind! Bella Notte's tonal variation is the natural beauty of their unique dye process. Shop their website to see more!

Bamboo Bath Tray from West Elm

We've all been there, you set up your bath but you just wish you had those lovely bath trays you see everyone using. I highly recommend gifting a bath tray! These are perfect for relaxing in the tub with a book, cup of tea (or wine!), and even snacks. They are so useful and they look great in your tub even when it's not in use. And even better, it's something that most people might not think to buy themselves! Bath trays are a great addition to any night of self care. I prefer ones made form bamboo or teak, like this lovely bath tray from West Elm! 

The Self Care Set from Etta + Billie

Our signature skincare sets come complete with a scent specific soap, scrub, and lotion. These sets are perfect for a start to finish moment of self care! Use the soap and scrub for cleansing and exfoliating, and finish up your moment of self care with a luxurious lotion that is nourishing and invigorating. Our lotions soak in deep without leaving you feeling oily or slick. Combine this set with a bath and your favorite candle, and boom! Relaxation and self love unlocked. Available in Lavender, Geranium Patchouli, and Citrus! Shop the set here!

Organic Loungewear from Harvest & Mill

Really nice comfortwear that is eco friendly is a priceless gift! Often times, our most comfortable cottons clothes are fast-fashion, but Harvest & Mill is committed to a higher standard! Each of their pieces and made from organic cotton, extremely eco friendly, and made in the USA. Read all about their sustainability mission! Harvest & Mill's 100% organic cotton jogger pants are remarkably breathable, super soft and naturally flexible. Perfect for lounging, activewear or doing casual errands in style. Shop their collections here!
Self care is a gift that so many of us don't have the time or energy for. But gifting something as simple as a soap or high quality loungewear could make a difference for someone you love! 

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