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October 07, 2021 1 min read

With the annual release of my Hot Bourbon and Lemon Soap, I thought it was fitting to share some other amazing ways to use bourbon in food & drink. Cooking with bourbon is like cooking with wine, it adds a type of flavor & kick that you just can't get with seasonings and other natural juices. And trust me, these recipes are perfect for the fall season & for sharing with you favorite friends and family. 

Bourbon Baked Goods

You have got to try this Bourbon Peach Upside Down Cake! We all know how well bourbon & peach mix together, but I really love this spin on the classic pineapple upside down cake. I also am fond of a recipe for Bourbon Bread Pudding! Because who'd of thunk that bread pudding was missing bourbon until now! 

Fresh Bourbon Cocktail Ideas! 

Bourbon and citrus go so well together, so it only makes sense that a Bourbon Lemonade is a natural combination. But even more refreshing than that, is this Apple Cider Smash, that helps celebrate some of our favorite fall things: apples, spices, and drinking! 

Bourbon and Meats - Duh

I love the concept of these bourbon meatballs because meatballs are so flavorful already - and adding bourbon can totally take them to the next level with balanced sweet & bitterness. Some other noteworthy bourbon and meats ideas are: Bourbon Meatballs, Smoked Chicken Sliders, and Candied Bourbon Bacon (to top your deviled eggs with, duh). 


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