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September 29, 2021 2 min read

This week, we're circling back to a long standing debate among our soap loving audience: Bar Soap vs. Liquid Soap. Both have incredible cleansing and aromatic benefits, and also can have added skincare positives! Let's explore why each of these Etta + Billie soap styles are a crowd favorite.

The Benefits of Bar Soap

As many of you might know, our Bar Soap is the signature Etta + Billie experience! My company began from playing with soap scents in my kitchen. Much trial and error lead to, what I consider, the most nourishing and interesting bars of soap I've ever used. Our bar soap is designed for more than just an aromatic experience - they also hydrate your skin with coconut oil and cocoa seed butter! Combine that with our unique essential oil blends, and you've got yourself the best bar of palm free soap in town! 

Bar soaps come in sustainable, cardboard packaging that is eco-friendly. They are also easy to travel with, perfect for gifting, and won't dry out your skin like some of the traditional soap bars we've used (like Irish Spring, yikes). 

The Benefits of Liquid Soap

Our Hand and Body Wash is packed with enriching ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil, and sunflower seed oil. Our liquid soap has essential oils that uplift the sense for a refreshing washing experience. 

One major benefit of our Hand + Body Wash is our refill pouches - which means you can buy a signature E+B glass amber bottle one time, and simply top off/refill your liquid soap container as needed. Extremely eco-friendly, cost effective, and sustainable! 


In comparing liquid soap to bar soap, liquid soap does not wash away like a bar of soap might from sitting in the shower. Both liquid soap and bar soap have their strong benefits, and it really might just come down to: preference. I for one, will always stay true to my bar soaps in the shower, and my hand + body washes for the counter top! Happy bathing! 

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