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September 23, 2021 2 min read

Skincare for your hands is essential for so many reasons, and the Etta and Billie Happy Hands Set is your best friend when it comes to treating your hands! This set comes with our body lotion and our skin balm - both which are packed with coconut oil, vitamin E oil, and cocoa butter.

Keeping Your Hands Moisturized Helps With Aging 

Letting your hands dry out frequently - and even crack - weakens the cell barrier of your skin's surface. Much like our faces, our hands need consistent moisture to boost cell production. It's important to always wear gloves when doing the dirty work (gardening, washing dishes, etc.), to protect your skin from damage. And its even more important to follow up with deep moisture every night. I always like to keep my favorite lotions and balms around the house, at my desk, and at the kitchen sink so I can easily pump lotion throughout the day. 

Moisturized Hands Helps Strengthen Your Nails 

Think about it: our nail beds are the extension of the skin on our hands. And what keeps them protected from bacteria and damage? Our cuticles! It only makes sense to nourish all parts of the hand for a more glowing and strong nail bed. I highly recommend consistent use of the Etta and Billie Lotion, and following up with our skin balm on the cuticles for deeper nourishment! Your nails will thank you. 

Prepare For Winter Weather With The Happy Hands Set

Have you ever considered a "weekly" self care routine for your hands? Hear me out!

  • Once a week, exfoliate both sides of your hands and up your forearms to shed all your current dead skin cells (don't rub too hard though). 
  • Rinse with warm water to open your pores. 
  • Use a rich lotion, or body oil, to rehydrate the skin's surface - making sure to get in between each finger and rubbing into the cuticles. 
  • Pro tip: Give yourself a hand massage in the meantime, you won't regret it. 
  • You can also take a warm, wet washcloth, and lay this over your hands & forearm to boost moisture and help soak up extra lotion/oil (like the manicurists often do!)

And boom! Your hands will be refreshed, moisturized, and HAPPY. And circling back to the matter at hand, our Happy Hands Set is a fantastic way to begin your daily/weekly hands skincare regiment. Perfect for the everyday person, maker, or skintellectual individual that wants to spoil their lovely hands for once. 

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