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October 15, 2020 1 min read

Say goodbye to those iced coffees and other beverages alike- it’s time to convert your favorite drinks into their hot counterparts! There’s something just so calming and special about partaking in a warm drink during this time of year. Something about these sorts of beverages that cause us to savor every sip and enjoy each moment they’re in hand. 

I can think of sweet memories as a child of warming up to a hot fireplace with a hot cocoa. Now, I prefer more of a Spiked Cider or Hot Toddy, but nonetheless, they evoke the same sort of nostalgic feelings. Memories of taking time to slow down and bask in the moment at hand. I’m so thankful for these moments and the change in seasons that seem to carve out times like these.

I think it’s crucial to cherish these times, even as we approach what may seem like an unconventional holiday season. We may not be gathering or celebrating in the same way, but we can still bask in the sacred moments of the season. May the power of a warming drink remind you to enjoy even the smallest moments of life. 

What’s your favorite warm beverage and what memories does it evoke? 

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