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October 14, 2020 1 min read

Track Your Mail-In Ballot

Did you know you can track you mail-in ballot in the state of California? Simply register on this site and insert details such as your name and the number on the back of your ballot. You’ll be able to see where your vote goes and exactly when it’s received. 

Find Ballot Drop-Offs

Your state should have specific information about where to find real ballot submission boxes. Search by your zip code, and you’ll find the official drop off places in your area. 

Same Day Registration

While not all states allow same-day registration, California does indeed! The Conditional Voter Registration law allows for you to alter your registration information or register the day of election. Check with your state to see if they allow same-day registration. 

For easy access to voter information for all states head to the U.S. Vote Foundation’s website found here

And of course, remember to vote! 

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